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Overseas Internships

Are you interested in gaining professional experience by doing an internship overseas? Although OEA doesn't organize official UWG internships for students, we can help you with internship applications if you've identified an opportunity abroad that you want to earn internship credit for. Here are a couple of the most popular ways students participate in internships:

(1) Internship programs through provider organizations
Several national study abroad providers organize internships for students. You can follow the links below to search by location or field. Be sure that you understand the requirements of an internship before you apply, and make sure you understand what's included in any fee the provider charges. 

Check if the organization sponsoring your internship will provide a transcript of your experience -- this is the official document from a university or college that shows your grade or the specific credit awarded. You will need a transcript to get credit for your experience. UWG can only accept transcripts from other universities/colleges, not from the company or group that employs you during your internship. If you need help finding this information on the provider website, check with someone in our office ( 

To make sure you can get credit for your internship and maintain access to any financial aid you might have available to you, follow the steps below.
  1. Identify an internship opportunity and complete the provider's application.
  2. Complete the Internship Abroad application so that our office has a record of your project.
  3. Download and complete the Request for Transient Permission form (you can find this in the Internship Abroad application or on the UWG Registrar's website). This is a UWG form that allows us to determine an appropriate equivalent for credit you'll be earning from another institution and allows the institution to verify that you will be a student even though your coursework isn't being done on campus. This allows the university to process your transcript when we receive it, and it enables you to have access to applicable financial aid. 
    • If you're not sure who needs to sign the transient permission form, bring it to Dr. Doyle in the OEA office. She will need to sign it, and she can help you determine who else needs to approve your credit abroad.
    • In the section that asks for "Host Institution" include both the name of the institution that will provide your transcript AND the name of the provider organization (i.e. University of South Dakota/ABC Internships Abroad). This will help administrative offices keep all your relevant documents together.
    • When you turn the completed transient form in, keep a copy and make sure OEA has a copy, too. 
  4. Complete the follow-up documentation in your Internship Abroad application. Make sure you provide our office with a copy of your acceptance letter, including contact information for the office that accepts payments at your provider.
  5. Apply for Education Abroad Scholarship funding to support your time overseas.

If the organization says that you can get academic credit but doesn't work with a university that will provide you with a transcript, see the instructions below: you'd follow the same process to receive credit as students who are arranging for their own internships abroad.

(2) Identify your own internship opportunity
Some students know the kind of work they want to do and have identified a company or organization that offers that kind of opportunity. If you want to receive credit for your internship experience, you'll need to determine if your academic department will sponsor the experience as internship credit.
  1. Check to see what the course number is for internship credit in your department's course catalog.
  2. Identify a faculty advisor you'd like to work with.
  3. If your advisor agrees to supervise you, work together on a plan of study: what would you need to do to earn credit, how much credit (this will depend on the credits your department allows for internships), and how will you be graded? 
  4. Complete the Internship Abroad application so that our office has a record of your project.
  5. Apply for Education Abroad Scholarship funding to support your time overseas.

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