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Other Ideas to Fund a Program

Other Ideas to Help You Fund Your Study Abroad Experience:

Loans and scholarships aren't the only options for students in need of financial support for studying abroad. Savings from part-time work, donations or sponsorships are also good ways to pay your way without increasing your debt burden. Plus, demonstrating your resourcefulness as you prepare to travel is in itself an important skill that prepares you for the job market you'll encounter when you return.
  • Try contacting community organizations who might be willing to sponsor you in return for a presentation or essay about your experience. Groups that you or your family are active in are a great start, but you might also think about other groups whose work might be related to what you're doing on your trip. 
  • Have a bake sale, run a car wash, host a dinner (like one study abroad alum did)You might find that you earn more towards your trip than you thought you could.
  • Birthdays, holidays and other gift-giving occasions -- ask that family and friends gift you cash towards your trip instead of presents.
Use the resources on our website to help you determine a realistic budget for the program you've chosen and to plan your timeline for paying. But don't be overwhelmed by one total number: think of that total as chunks of money that you can get from multiple sources, and then put together a plan to make that happen.

Crowdfunding is another way to raise money for your study abroad expenses. Although it takes time and effort, the rewards can be beneficial. Below are some tips and common sites to help you learn more about crowdfunding and see if it might be an option for you. 
  1. You. Who are you? Help people understand your story and what you will do with the money that they will donate.
  2. Goals. Set a clear goal that you can work towards! Use the SMART tactics and help make your goal credible (SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely).
  3. Theme. Get creative! Use a theme that might be related to the country you are going to or focus on your talents. Either way, make sure you're consistent and creative!
  4. Share. The biggest part about crowdfunding is making sure people know you are trying to raise money. Start with those closest to you and then extend out. Use your social media consistently.
  5. Give. Find ways to give back to those who help you. Share your experiences while you are abroad through updates, postcards, souvenirs, or more!
Some common sites used to study abroad crowdfunding (not exhaustive list): Read how one study abroad alum used crowdfunding to help provide for her study abroad.

Make sure to always read the policies, fees, rights, and responsibilities for both you and the company before committing to using any particular site. 

Some other helpful resources: 
The Diversity Abroad website has great resources for students on funding options for study abroad -- and on lots of other topics, including preparing for travel, understanding and adapting to cultural differences abroad and getting the most out of your experience!