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Spring 2020 Wolves Abroad Awardees

Mykiah Clark Mykiah Clark
Program: Counseling and Speech Language Pathology in Ecuador
Major: Speech Pathology (Masters)

Reason for studying abroad: I’m considering being a traveling Speech-Language Pathologist and working in a medical setting after I graduate. To do this, I’ll have to be aware and knowledgeable of different cultures, so I can provide effective and efficient services. This study abroad will be conducted in various medical settings which would give me insight of what these career decisions will encompass, and if they’d be a good fit for me.
AlyseNoel HicksAlyse-Noel Hicks
Marketing and Economics in Italy
Major: Mass Communications with a Marketing Minor

Reason for studying abroad: When conducting international business, one must be culturally aware of the environment and have the ability to evaluate competing perspectives on global issues in order to be successful. ... If a culture is assumed or the consumers aren’t accommodated, the business will fail. International business often times requires you to think differently, which is one of the reasons why it’s so interesting to me. 
Hannah LauderdaleHannah Lauderdale
Management in Dubai
Major: Business Administration (Masters)

Reason for studying abroad: Participating in this program will show my future employers that I can adapt to different cultures, be involved in a diverse environment, am open to global business practices, and willing to make international connections. 
Myles LoveMyles Love
Program: Semester exchange at Konkuk University in South Korea
Major: Mass Communications

Reason for studying abroad: When you travel and see the world I truly believe we are able to discover a new version of yourself that we didn't know existed. This is possible because of the interactions we have with individuals that are different from us that we meet during our time in an unfamiliar place. I would like to study abroad because I would like to discover a new version of myself and develop a broader worldview.
Michelle PhaloMichelle Phalo
Program: Counseling and Speech Language Pathology in Ecuador
Major: Professional Counseling (Masters)

Reason for studying abroad: Being in a different environment, one that is not familiar to me is going to be a liberating experience. I have never traveled outside the country, and I want to learn as much as I can on how to connect with people and places that I do not know. 
Emily ScogginsEmily Scoggins
Program: Marketing and Economics in Italy
Major: Accounting with an Economics Minor

Reason for studying abroad: We cannot flourish into who we are supposed to be without change and experiences. Studying abroad to Italy will leave a lasting impact on my life, and it will help mold me into who I become personally and professionally.
Makayla WeeksMakayla Weeks
Program: Counseling and Speech Language Pathology in Ecuador
Major: Speech Pathology

Reason for studying abroad: To be able to work with the people of Ecuador in providing speech language services to them will be a chance for me to have an impact on others with something that I love to do. 
Michaela WhitleyMichaela Whitley
Program: Semester Exchange at University of New England in Australia
Major: Criminology and Anthropology

Reason for studying abroad: I can use this experience in an anthropological way when I start living abroad in Australia. Even though we might speak a similar language there are most likely going to be different customs and cultural factors that I will need to learn to live there. I might believe they are strange or weird, but as an anthropologist, this is an ideal way for me to learn how to suspend any judgments I might have until I can understand their reasons behind their actions. 
Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams
Program: Africana Studies in Brazil
Major: Political Science with a Sociology Minor

Reason for studying abroad: I look forward to the possibility of seeing, meeting, and learning from people that look like me from a South American country. I want to know about their experiences from their perspective on life. I want to know how they deal with xenophobia, poverty, and lack of educational opportunities. Studying abroad will also give me insight as I continue my exploration for answers to questions that I have pondered for so long.  
Tivia WoodsTivia Woods
Program: Counseling and Speech Language Pathology in Ecuador
MajorProfessional Counseling (Masters)

Reason for studying abroad: Being exposed to issues within another country can help me prepare to deal with diversity while working in the field of mental health counseling. In addition, I also believe that it will help me eliminate and/or reduce any biases that I may have about various cultures due to my lack of knowledge and/or exposure.