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Beyond Short-Term Study Abroad

Short-term programs offer students a great introduction to other cultures and can be an excellent for students who can't be away from home for long periods to gain experience abroad. For those who want a more extensive experience abroad, however, UWG has a variety of exchange programs with partner universities around the world that can allow students to benefit from the experience of living in another culture while earning credit towards your degree. These opportunities include specialized partnerships for students in business, international relations and language study as well as opportunities at institutions offering a comprehensive array of major options -- from art and literature to biology and computer science. Click here or on the link to the left for more information on what exchange programs are, and review options in our catalog (programs that begin with Exchange). 

Students can also gain valuable work experience overseas through international internships. UWG doesn't sponsor its own internships, but you can click here for more information on finding internships and determining how to receive credit for them.