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Transient Status

I'm a current UWG student. Am I considered a transient student when I study abroad?

If you are interested in participating in a UWG faculty-led program, a USG consortium program (European or Asia Council programs) or a UWG Exchange program, the answer is NO. You remain a UWG student while you're participating in these programs, so you'll earn your credit, pay your tuition and receive your financial aid here. The majority of UWG students who study abroad fall into this category. 

If you want to participate in a program that is sponsored by another campus or by a third-party provider, then register your participation here: Non-campus program registration. The form asks you to provide some information about the program you want to participate in and the courses you're planning to take. As part of that registration, you'll need to download and complete the UWG Transient Permission form (in the Forms section of the Registrar's website) and obtain the signature of the OEA director. Filing the transient permission form allows the university to verify the credit you'll be receiving, which also allows you access to any financial aid you might be eligible for. However, you also need to check with the admissions office of the institution sponsoring your program: they may require you to complete transient permission forms for their campus, as well, in order to allow you to participate in the program. For third party provider programs, you will need to make sure that you have completed all of their required forms, some of which may require a signature from our office.

I am not a UWG student, but I want to participate in a UWG program. How do I become a transient student?

Many UWG programs are open to non-UWG students! Complete your online application for your UWG program. Then, there are two parts to the transient process: one on our campus and one at your home campus.  Information on the process of becoming a transient student at UWG is available from the UWG Admissions Office: Contact the Registrar or other appropriate office on your campus to find out what paperwork is required there. You must have completed all three pieces (your program application and your transient permission applications at your home campus and at UWG) in order to be eligible to participate in your UWG-sponsored program.